budgets and burned bruschetta!

8 08 2009

I have now discovered the world of business and their budgets.  Let me tell you…not fun at all.  I have my rest of the year forecast due on what I should plan to spend for the rest of the year, and supposed to base that off of the previous months.  I’m getting frustrated b/c I dont know what or what we spent, and even by looking at old month statements, I don’t know what things mean.  It’s especially hard when your coordinator leaves work early on friday and is not there to help you.  Something that should take me 20 minutes, I spent 2 hours on and only got half done.  I understand the concept of the report, but I’m stressed! 

Also, I need to turn in a variance report on the 19th.  That breaks down the categories in which you spend money and you providing whether you are positive and negative for that month and why.  Categories include, salaries, what you pay employees, supplies, workman’s comp, liability, insurances, etc.  Again, I understand the concept, but how the hell am I supposed to figure those things out when I’ve only been there for two weeks, and one of those was only the end of the month I’m reporting on!  Ahh!  I told my coordinator we are sitting down together at 9am monday am and doing this and EXPLAINING it to me. 

Maybe then I’ll feel better,  but for the meantime, I really loved that my dad opened a bottle of wine to enjoy last night 🙂  I cooked turkey meatballs with tomatoes, sauteed asparagus and mushrooms and roasted red pepper, artichoke, and feta bruschetta.  Quite the experience let me tell you.  I HATE fire.  I burnt the first batch of bread in the broiler that I was toasting before adding the topping.  It literally caught on fire!  I was freaking out.  It was funny looking back though.  Good thing I had more bread for backup lol!




2 responses

8 08 2009

Well, there’s still Sunday…but try not to stress TOO MUCH. Work is just that. Work.

10 08 2009

you would burn the bruschetta, steph. and that is why i love you…because you freak out about things i think are silly…and then you laugh right back at me when i cry over a movie as stupid as anaconda. 🙂 love you and i hope your week gets better!!

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