To market, and other weekend excursions

17 08 2009

I was really excited to have the entire weekend off, especially since this coming weekend I’m on duty, which basically means I work all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  But, at least I have a weekend duty before Joey gets here, my next one will not be until October!  So I woke up Saturday morning to go jogging (training for the half marathon on November 15th!).  I jogged 3 miles and walked .75.  This is exact b/c each lap near my house is .75 miles.  Then I went to the farmers market near my work at the Pearl Brewery with mom and dad.  Come to find out, its no longer an active brewery so no samples on tours 😦  We got the following delicious items:  2 lb of ground bison (I made some awesome burgers last night), some honey from Texas of course, a loaf of 9 grain bread, some tomato olive bread, some sauces for food and for dessert.  There was not a huge selection of actual produce, which disappointed me, but maybe later this year there will be. 

But I capped that day off by doing the grocery shopping for mom, which I actually love to do lol.  We’ve been planning lots of meals and getting some variety in.  This Saturday I’m making lasagna and Joey’s mom and sister will be coming over (and the chillins).  YUM!  I don’t remember the last time I ate lasagna but it’s scrumptious! 

Sunday us girls saw the Time Traveler’s wife, which was great!  I never read the book but it was a good movie, and a nice girly date with mom.  It was nice to have two whole days off. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time online trying to hunt down a bridesmaids dress, found a lot, but waiting on JENI to tell me if the color is ok.  Then I’ll post which one I get…or maybe keep it a surprise hahaha! 

Not much else, just work and home.  I don’t really like to talk too much about work, unless it’s something really exciting.  I try to keep the important/personal things out of blogs so please don’t feel left out.  Work stays at work mostly.  🙂 

Oh, and I ran 3.75 miles today and walked .75.  I could not complain running next to some runners who only had one leg right?!?!

2 weeks until I see Joey and Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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18 08 2009

i am so happy you’re home with your family! you just seem like you’re more content…as content as content can be without your hubby there. 🙂 i love you!!

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