One week countdown

24 08 2009

The 6 week transition period is almost over.  Next Monday, Joey will finally be here (and so will Molly).  I’ve missed him a lot and am very fortunate to have been able to come down sooner, get settled, and take care of some things before he gets here. 

My job is going well, 6 weeks in next week already.  I’m settled, gotten into a groove and now won’t feel so bad helping him with what he needs. 

I’ve taken care of registering my car and getting plates and such.  One less thing to do when he is here.  He will take care of the truck on his own and we will go get drivers licenses together. 

Next on the agenda after that will be for him to find a job and for us to save up to find a place to live.  We are very fortunate that we have a place to stay during this move.  It’s amazing how much you save to move and take care of things and how fast that can deplete! 

The journey to Texas will be much more fun with the love of your life by your side and not just across a wire.  I can’t wait!




2 responses

24 08 2009

are you flying to az and then driving back with him? or is he going to make the trek on his own like you did?? i’m so happy that he’s going to be there with you!!

25 08 2009

Wow! Hard to believe you’re rolling up on 6 weeks in the new job already. It will be so nice for you guys to be together in Tx. Good thing time has flown, huh?

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