Straight or curly

15 09 2009

Either way, I can’t get there without my hair straightener.  My CHI has lasted me about 6-7 years now.  It’s dying, just like most people’s do.  I have to hold the cord a certain way for it to stay on, lengthening the time it takes me to straighten my hair.  My mom’s died, most people I talk to, it does the same thing.  My friend Angela at work told me about this website and it has awesome deals on hair products.  Her hair dresser used a brand called BaByliss pro titanium.  No ceremic plates, dial settings for heat, etc.  4 YEAR WARRANTY!  I ordered one today.  I tried it today b/c she brought it in, let me just say…amazing and half the time.  The CHI does not compare to this!  I can’t wait to get it in and see it in more action!  LOL.  Take a looksy:

Well I can’t get it to post on this computer. and look up BaByliss.  Think more before you buy!




One response

15 09 2009

nice! i use a straightener from walmart but i barely ever use it…you know this straight hair on me does fairly well on it’s own! glad you found a better one than the chi!

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