Vision 2010

23 09 2009

I worked on a financial plan for Joey and myself this morning in excel and I’m quite proud of myself.  I like to call it “Vision 2010”, our views on our finances for 2010 and where we want to be.  It’s divided into an income section, stating all our sources and how much.  Then it’s divided into an expense side, stating all the bills, what is owed, etc.  I will be documenting each month as the bills go down, savings, go up, and what extra we have to go onto other bills.  Reason being is we do not want to have to rent for a year now.  We’d like to save up to buy a house.  If we can sell our two trailers and two bikes, our bills will be mostly paid and within one to two months, we can be debt free.  That is very crazy to think, but it makes me excited.  Then we can save for a few more months, start looking for houses, and possibly get a new bike for Joey with the house, and a ring for me! 

I’m typing this not only to stay organized, but so we can present this to my mom and dad and show them our goals and what we are working towards, so they know that we are not just “living there” to live there.  We have set goals, dreams, and where we want to be.  Yes, its nice to live at home, but I am a grown up and even though they know I’m responsible, I want to show them more and how much they are appreciated.  They don’t see me going out to eat or spending it on random things all the time and I think that helps.  Yes, it sucks to stay home sometimes, but I think of that vision, and it’s not worth going to the saucer all the time ( sad, I know), or spending money on something I don’t really need. 

So I need that encouragement from you all to keep me going.  Vision 2010-doing it right this time!




One response

23 09 2009

that’s right steph! you guys are doing a great job at creating a financial plan!! jeremy and i assembled one of these and it just makes things easier knowing where we are and where we need to be to allow me to stop working (eventually)…have a “saucer” night at the house and create some food representative of what you’d find there!! make eating in fun; it’ll help you all feel as if you’re missing out on things.

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