Simple acts of kindness

5 11 2009

Joey and I have been so busy lately with the house hunting, paperwork, dealing with work issues, finding things we need for the house, etc.  So we decided to take a break and head to the Flying Saucer last night for some beers.  It was crowded and the only table was with a man sitting by himself at a table for 6.  We joined him and chatted for a few minutes and then had the spacious table all to ourselves.  We chatted like normal people on a date and watched the baseball game.  Then another couple sat with us, around our age, seemed like nice people.  We did not talk but they enjoyed a few beers and left.  Then a group of 5 adults came and sat with us, 2 had to sit somewhere else b/c the table had no room.  They were a happy bunch, celebrating a retirement.  So happy they bought our last drink.  Two of them were from San Antonio, one from california and the rest from Phoenix.  So you KNOW we had a lot to chat about, seeing is I just moved from there.  We were having a great time and come to find out, they all were in town for a conference b/c they all work for USAA.  Well, if you do not know, I have EVERYTHING USAA, accounts, cards, loans, insurance…everything.  They were just thrilled to hear this and this only fueled their happiness to be around us.  The night does end for us working people so we got our check and as soon as I took out my USAA card, they cheered again.  As I passed my tab to the waitress, one of the gentlemen took my card, tossed it back at me, and paid for our tab.  It was a simple act, not too expensive but it was enough to help us out, especially with us paying down our debt and getting a new house.  That act of kindness reminds me that there are good people out there and I hope I can return that favor one day to other unsuspecting couples/families.




3 responses

6 11 2009

That is great. To know there are still nice good people out there during such hard times. What a wonderful way to end the night and start the holiday season.

11 11 2009

i LOVE this story! how fantastic are people?!

7 03 2013

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