Wedding Plans

11 03 2010

My life has been CONSUMED by work and wedding planning and house things.  Let me list to you what has been taken care of thus far…in two months let me remind you as you look at my list!

Wedding ceremony and reception site-and the food 🙂 Mmm Guacamole bowl!

Pastor for the ceremony



Dress is altered/shoes-hot pink shoes I will wear!

Bridesmaids dresses-they all just need to find a black dress and wear hot pink heels-fuscia pink!


Hotel reserved for guests

Stuff I’m currently working on:

Jeni is helping design my invitations

One more hotel to check out/reserve

Registry almost done at

Still to do:

Get men fitted for Tux’s




Unity candle

Gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen

Other minor misc. items

See what I mean?  Busy little bee!  On top of working about 50 hours a week, and we’ve been doing tons of yardwork-we planted more grass, and fertilized.  Been potting some beautiful flowers and planted Texas bluebonnets around our trees in the front.  Thinking of getting a citrus tree for our backyard since it gets plenty of water 🙂 

Just been busy but I’m honestly going to try to make an effort….and for it to be more exciting, I’m tired so this is kinda plain today…sorry!




One response

8 05 2010
sharon forrester


It was good to read your blog. Haven’t been on for a long time. Congrats on getting married. It sounds like Texas and the YMCA was the right move for you. Katherine is teaching me more boxing and self defense moves! I got a standing punching bags and pink gloves like you have. I love hitting/kicking that bag. I also have a black tee shirt with pink sparkle gloves on it. Caption: “Fight like a Girl”.

I’m in the process of a 24 week cooking class that is far too advanced for me but I manage to stay afloat. Good thing is not for credit just a certificate in Practical Cooking Techniques.

I think of you often and so does Kathrine. Thanks for recommending her. She has been a good match for me and love her professionalism.



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