Molly cracks me up, keeps me young!

23 03 2010

Sometimes there is real joy in having a dog; they make you smile, comfort you with a look and can really make you laugh.   She is a child, who still just wants to play, and she keeps me young and playing along…

Molly loves to play hide and seek, she gets a thrill out of running around the house trying to find us.  Well, we did just that on Sunday.  Picture Joey hiding behind the door to the computer room and calling Molly’s name.  She runs into the room, looks around, and then keeps running from room to room.  As joey continues to call her name, she runs in and out of that room, back and forth, up and down the halls of the house.  I think the part that makes it hard, is you just want to laugh so hard watching her through the crack of the door but you have to be quiet so you do not give away your hiding place.  Finally…she finds him.  Now it’s my turn…

I go into the spare bedroom and hide UNDER the bed, she’ll never find me now!  I call her name, she runs into the room and on TOP of the bed and smashes her head into the pillows.  She thinks I’m under the blanket where the pillows are!  She runs out of the room, I call her name again, she jumps back onto the bed and smashes the pillows again and again.  This proceeds for about 3 more times until she finally looks under the bed and finds me!  Victory is hers! 

A few hours later, Joey tells me to play this game that he played with her the night before.  In our living room, you can completely run around the couch, and our coffee table in front of the couch.  There she stands, in front of the coffee table, me, behind the couch.  Showtime!  Joey yells “get her molls” and she starts running for me as I run away.  She reaches the hardwood and starts to slide, only I do too b/c I have socks on.  She stops, runs the other way, and so do I.  This process continues for a couple minutes, all the while I’m laughing so hard my stomach aches and, I hate the feeling of being chased so I’m also squealing.  Finally she catches me, or, rather, I give up and she catches me, Victory for Molly again. 

She keeps me young and reminds me to slow down and play again!  Gotta love your pets!




One response

24 03 2010

now i want to see some video footage of that! i bet it’s so funny from your perspective!!

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