Scratches and whimpers

14 05 2010

My poor Molly…we came home to a sad, sad dog on Wednesday night.  She was covered in hives, her face, eyes and neck swollen and a sad pup.  So sad, that she did that doggie whimper that makes you want to hug her, and she never whimpers.  Well, being that it was 7pm, it was much too late to take her to the vet.  Seeing as she could still breathe fine, saving ourselves the expensive emergency vet visit, we gave her two benadryl and sprayed doggie hydracortisone cream on her.  What a long night.  She rolled around everywhere trying to scratch everywhere.  We had no idea what it could have been: something she ate, a bee?

Waking up the next morning to no improvement, we took her to the vet, only to be turned away due to there being no time for her until 11am!  (Um, kind of an emergency)!  When Joey finally took her there, it turned out it was just allergies!  Who knew it could be that bad!  She had to get a cortisone shot and we need to give her 2-3 allergy pills a day and steroids for the next 10 days.  Her ears are so swollen from shaking her head that she got blood clots.  If they do not go down, they will have to drain them.  😦  She is a trooper though, she will make it.  She may need to be on allergy meds as long as we live here.  Sensitive dog!  But hopefully she will get better b/c all she does is lay on the kitchen floor, night and day. 

Despite all this, her tail still wags like the wind!




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