Toobing it out Part II

4 06 2010

I must say the river was good to me as well as the sun.  The night before was a horrible thunderstorm and it even was raining on our way to the river.  However, as we put in the water, the sprinkles stopped and we made our jouney. 

The water was about 60-65 degrees, which would be great if the sun was out, but thanks to my UV blue and gatorade, it was great!  Despite being ransacked by crazy ducks and turkey vulture looking creatures, we had a great time.  My new tubes held up great over the rapids as well as my floating cooler and I had a blast!  I already can’t wait to go tubing again, which won’t be that long from now. 

This weekends adventures will top it all off:

Dirt party on friday-we are finally fixing the backyard and getting dirt and sod.  It will be a dinner party at my house along with help laying all the dirt down. 

Canyon lake trip on Sunday-chilling with friends and our dogs at the lake and hopefully catching some sun that I was supposed to on Thursday.




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