Life in the Mac lane…

17 06 2010

They replaced my PC at work with a Mac…I like it, but I’m thrown into work without an adjustment period of how to use it, what the features can do, and as simple as how to copy and paste from being on one server to the next.  Ahh!

I always said I wanted a Mac book, well here is my chance to learn beforehand.  Let’s see how I do for the rest of the 3 hours of work today!

On the positive side, 37 days until my wedding, only 13 days left for people to RSVP, and more than half of them have not.  Those who have never planned a wedding, it’s stressful to not know if someone is coming or not.  Just take 2 minutes to log onto my website and RSVP!  How hard it that?  I even left the option to text me.  If those are still technologically challenging for you, have someone else do it.  But please, do not NOT respond at all.  What am I supposed to do if you do show up?  Sorry but no space for you! (I’m a little discouraged).

Take a deep breath, relax, 13 days left!




One response

21 06 2010

Welcome to a whole new world!!!! I love my Mac and you soon will, too!!

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