16 days~despite the mishaps!

8 07 2010

How freaking excited is this girl?!  I get to marry my best friend in 16 days.  So much planning has come down to this one day, and I know it will FLY by, but not before I make some wonderful memories with friends I have not seen in a very long time and family who I love so much.

Some sad news today- we may be one less groomsman.  One of the groomsmen’s dad has fallen off a ladder at work.  He is ok, but can’t work for 4-6 weeks, and they do this business together.  This puts us in a little bind…do we just have one less groomsman, or promote another friend/family member?  Joey is pondering this tonight-its his mission!

My friend who was going to do my hair just found out she needs wrist surgery-so plan B needed to be pulled out of my hat.  I made all the 4 of us girls hair appointments at the Paul Mitchell School, where I usually go, for us to get glammed up at 10 am that morning (no champagne allowed-I asked) lol.  But we WILL be having some before and after…mimosas anyone?

Until tomorrow…I try don’t I?




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