My own Halloween scare

1 11 2010

You know when some things are scary for you but when you tell someone they think it’s not that scary?  Well, today I had  a huge scare.  A motherly scare that only someone who has a child, in this case, a great dog, can know and experience. 

I was getting ready to walk the dogs and since I have two now, its easier to put their collars and leashes on and then open the garage door so they dont run around the yard and I look like a mad woman chasing them.  As I was opening the garage door, I noticed Molly’s leash was stuck on a peg on the garage door as her front paws started lifting up.  My first instinct was not to push the garage door button, which I happened to be next to, but to grab her and hold/lift her up as it was lifting her up.  Just the sight of her dangling there and then coughing and I was terrified.  I held her, all 70 pounds of her up and have the scars to prove it.  I would not and could  not let her go to shut the garage door.  I contemplated yelling for help, but first tried to upclip her leash.  She was so high up and heavy I could not get it undone.  I started to panic but then realized that the outdoor garage opener was right by me and with one hand holding her and one hand lifting the cover, I pushed the button and shut the garage.  OMG.  What a relief!  It was so brief but those 20 seconds I would do anything to keep my dog from handing by her choker collar. 

She was fine and wanted to go on her walk, but I rubbed her neck and then broke down and cried.  I felt like I failed as a mother, but it just goes to show that kids, and dogs make mistakes and you have to be prepared to react as a mother.  Survival instinct kicked in, but man did it kick my emotions. 

I bought them both huge knuckle bones in hopes of making them feel better….so far so good, I dont think she even remembers.




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