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3 11 2010

I guess besides my last blog post (the horror) I have not blogged much lately.  It’s probably b/c I didnt’ feel like it, 1, and 2, I didn’t feel like it.  I mean, not too many people read it anyway.  Well here’s an update:

1) I no longer work at the YMCA, and fortunately I found a part time bartending job and collect unemployment.  Job hunting is not fun and I’m not finding anything work taking.  Yes, I could do personal training and if it comes down to it I will, but I hate, HATE the sales aspect of it and having to work under other people who also have sales goals.  But I am less stressed, a LOT less stressed and happier now that Im not working there. 

2) Been taking care of myself and working on losing those 10 pounds, yes 10, that I gained from working at the Y, which everyone does, if not more.  I like having this time for myself again and being able to workout with no stress. 

3) we just got a new son, BRAX, see below:

10 month old malinoy (shepard from belgium used as a police dog) and he is a cuddler.  Makes my life extra happy!

I’m off to take a trip to massachusetts this weekend to see all my relatives, cousins, grandparents, etc.  I’m stoked as it has been a very long time since I have seen them and I hope they are as excited as me! 

Ok I need to walk these pups before they go insane, and before it rains!




2 responses

5 11 2010
Aunt Cathy

congrats on the arrival of your new “son” love it!! And yes!!!! cant wait to see you!!!

7 11 2010

Hey Steph I am glad your doing well, Y just hired a new guy for Wellness. So we will see!! I thought you looked pretty damn good when you work at the Y didn’t look like 10lbs to me. Hope you enjoy your vacation and stress is not worth happiness!! Talk with you soon, have fun!

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