My last day in New England

10 11 2010

Today I woke up from my cumfy air mattress (done up super “wicked” by my aunt with a heated blanket and all) and like every day I have been here, I have slept great and do not want to wake up.  I’m not sure if its the cold weather, being on vacation, or being close to family that comforts me to sleep like a baby.  It could have also been my aunties dog Cricket cuddling with me while I slept too. 

I wish I had more time to explore but today I’m visiting my dad’s parents before heading to the usual Dunkin Donuts afternoon coffee (which has saved me by the way) with my grandfather, Miss Erline and aunties.  As much as I love my warm weather and Texas, there is something about being in Massachusetts that makes me feel great-reminds me of Thanksgiving dinners or Memeres cooking.  Now dont take that the wrong way, the fact that it is 81 in texas today makes me feel great.  I have my doggies waiting for me, my mexican cat, and my wonderful hubby-who actually admitted that he is looking forward to me coming home so he has less to do on his own! 

So all in all, seeing snow, eating two dinners with cousins from both sides, drinking authentic Massachusetts brews, game night, and Dunkin Donuts trips made the trip memorable.  I’m glad I made it up here and hope to do it more often!




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10 11 2010

you should write more like this 🙂

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