Cheers for beer~and Shiner Cheer!

17 11 2010

I took an hour long journey east today to the town of Shiner Texas, where every drop of Shiner beer is brewed.  Even my husband, a long time lover of bud light, has now changed his favorite beer to this Texas brew, Shiner Bock-it’s love baby!

First thing, you walk in and you get to pick one of the beers they have on tap to try, then they give you 3 wooden tokens to get 3 more whenever you like!  SWEET!

We took the tour, which was really only 30 minutes long, and only consisted of two rooms, but we saw plenty of cool stuff.  Of course, they had a gift shop (which we went a little crazy but oh well) and we consumed our 3 other beers (which could have made us buy more).  But definately Shiner Cheer, brewed with peaches and pecans, their seasonal special, is my new favorite beer of theirs! 





One response

17 11 2010
Becky Asher

How fun! James and I LOVE Shiner!!!

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