The Dangers of Walking your dog

7 12 2010

There are many dangers to look out for when walking your dogs in my neighborhood….let me explain… 🙂

1) We have many stray dogs in our neighborhood, and I have been confronted by many.  Once when I just had Molly I was walking and turned a corner and out of this fence pops 3 big dogs, I was scared shitless while Molly could have cared less, and wanted to play (ooh friends).  I pretended to be brave and tried to look bigger than them (you know, by stomping at them and yelling) and I finally passed them. 

2) Another stray incident just 2 weeks ago while walking both dogs.  I pass this ditch and see a little dog barking, kind of cute.  Until this big dog pops up from under the ditch, as if the protective male, to let me know this was their territory.  Again, my two dogs just wish to play and I have to pull them away.  Scary, every time I go by that ditch I look out for them. 

3) Only two days ago, as I walk my dogs with mom, we cross this small, small (did I mention it was small) street that has a stop sign, so we have the right of way.  It IS early morning, but the sun is not shining near there at all.  As we cross we see a car coming and slowing down.  I thought (I swear) I made eye contact with the driver as he makes a California roll and almost hits us…Molly first.  Im serious-it was only a cm away probably.  If it was not for my mom yelling (and she can yell) he would have run us over.  How can someone not see 2 big dogs and two people walking (mind you my mom was wearing bright red-like a stop sign)? 

So you see, walking is a sport here in Texas, and you must look out for your surroundings or be taken out.  Anyone want to walk with me?




One response

8 12 2010

wow! that’s scary! fritz ran off the other day to go play with a big friggin’ dog and i almost had a stroke!

yeah – your mom can yell – i think i’ve heard once or twice in my lifetime. 🙂

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