Cake sure is messy

14 12 2010

I had a great wedding cake for my wedding.  The cake was delicious and it looked gorgeous.  See proof below:

One issue from my wedding, my cake lady, Iris Barno wanted to be there to cut the cake b/c she wanted to make sure it was done properly, so we invited her.  My husband and I did not have a first look so we took pictures right after the ceremony, while guests ate appetizers.  She thought that was very unprofessional of me,….say what?  Lots of people do that.  Also, she was in a rush to cut the cake b/c she had to be somewhere.  Well, honestly, she did not have to stay, we know how to cut the cake. 

Regardless, the cake tasted and looked great so my sister used her for her wedding this past weekend.  

 They had picked 100 cupcakes and originally wanted to sample italian cream and red velvet.  At my sisters cake tasting, Iris was ranting about how hard it is to make red velvet cupcaked and keep them moist, so right then and there, Sarah nixed the red velvet an went for all Italian cream cupcakes and a carrot cake topper b/c she loved my carrot cake.  Wedding day comes, she has half red velvet cupcakes and half some other kind with some italian cream filling, not italian cream cupcakes.  AND, a red velvet cake topper.  To top that off, we had to make multiple trips to see her to pay and to give her another set of directions, which she lost, and still pay a delivery fee!  Then the cake stand (which is CARDBOARD), we had to return.  If she lost the directions, she must’ve lost the notes to the type of cake, and I think it may be time for her to stop making cakes.  They taste and look great, but a vendor needs to cater to the people that are paying her the money and not be the one to complain. 

She is making my sister a new carrot cake topper, but a refund would have been nice since none of what we had ordered was right.  Fair?  I think so.  This is my complaint since I cannot use the better business bureau for her.  Great tasting Iris, just not great service and hard to get in touch with.




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14 12 2010

I KNOW!!! and she was crying about it too! It’s sad when you have to get the parents involved cause she won’t call the client back.

Anyone who wants champagne and carrot cake saturday come and enjoy!! re-enact wedding cake cutting!

14 12 2010

steph are you a member on i would recommend going to your local board on there as well and sharing your concerns about iris. i’m so sorry to hear that this had to happen to both of you; i had no idea!!

14 12 2010
Aunt Cathy

nice. rreallyt nice. At least get what you want, and paid for, for God’s sake!!!! It’s a HUGH expence on top of it all!!!

29 12 2010

Um…she was ridiculously obnoxious at your wedding steph! She kept insisting that I needed to mail her photos of the cake photographs so that she could add them to her portfolio all for free! She got mad because I took photos of them still putting the cake together. Plus, she was dressed in a hideously “look at me” neon green outfit…

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