A new interest? Need advice!

15 12 2010

After these past few weeks of weddings I have come to realize how much I enjoy doing hair and makeup.  So today I fired up the Vaio and searched the schools here in San Antonio.  I emailed 3:


University of Cosmetology arts and sciences

Paul Mitchell San Antonio

Paul Mitchell called me back today.  Their 11 month program consists of school Tuesday through Saturday from 930-5.  They spend 90% of the class on hair, the rest is one makeup, facials, and natural nails.  You’d have to do extra to specialize in those.  Cost: $18, 312, which includes all your supplies, books, and license.  Besides the cost of the school, my other worry is how will I have time to make money while I’m going to school.  I have a tour scheduled for Tuesday, and I’ll find out what time night school is to see if that would be better, or if I should do it at all? 

 I want to do hair, but eventually I’ll want to do more.  Just like what I went to school for now.  I want to do more, but the opportunity is  not there and I’m stuck doing things to get by.  I dont want that to be the case after paying for another education. 

Advice is appreciated.  Any success stories, monetary advice, etc is appreciated.  I guess I really want to hear from those in that career and what they think.




2 responses

15 12 2010
Aunt Cathy

I can speak for myself, and I’m sure many others,that this is such a wonderful career..worth all the work. Paul Mitchell, the school…I wish I had attended that one, but there wasn’t one nearby.I do attend so many of their classes though. extremely motivating.I can’t think of any other career tht I’d rather do.

18 12 2010

This is you! Go for it!

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