I’ve got sunshine….

21 12 2010

The high today was 80 degrees, tomorrow, 77. 

 As I was watching the Bears crush the vikings  yesterday in the snow, all I wanted was to bundle up and drink some hot cocoa.  Brr, it sure looked cold on TV.  Freezing drizzle, wet puddles full of ice, and you can see their breath at every play.  Sometimes things like that make me miss the snow.  Sledding, snowboarding, snow angels, catching snow on your tongue.  But then I think of: the bad drivers, shoveling, frozen toes, and nasty dirty snow.  It’s times like these that I enjoy my 70’s in December.  I can wake up and walk my dogs and not have to bundle up, and then even still go jogging.  I can drive with my windows down and music playing in the afternoon.  I don’t have to rush in and out of stores b/c I’m freezing, no defrosting cars, but firepits are still perfect.  Yes folks, I love living in Texas, and this is just another reason to vouch for that.




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