Betty Crocker beat this!

22 12 2010

Christmas day always feels so special to me.  The smells, sounds, the feeling you get inside just being awake.  So I’m taking this year to actually make a great meal…all day.  (Well, whenever I wake up since I work the night before). 

Breakfast: Stuffed french toast with turkey bacon.  We had this at my sisters wedding.  I got some Texas Toast (see insert pic)

and I will be making french toast with that and then grilling it one more time with low fat cream cheese in the inside between two slices.  Heaven.  And my family knows I have a secret french toast recipe as it is…so watch out!

Dinner: Turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (yum), stuffing, rolls…basically the complete package.  Turkey is thawing in the fridge now for a wonderful dinner for my babes and I. 

Of course we have the eggnog to go along…light egg nog for joey and Silk soymilk eggnog for me (which is more watery but tastes great and who doesn’t want to enjoy and eggnog and not have to worry about the calories). 

Who knows what that day will bring, but come on Christmas!




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