Do you remember the time?

28 12 2010

Christmas and these rainy days really make you stop to relax and think of the past, and things remembered.  What really surprised my memory was a present I received in the mail this week reminding me of the great times I had with an old friend. 

 I was presented with a tiny purple book, when opened, accordian style, displayed pictures of things that reminded her of me.  What a great gift and one that will always make me smile.  Turns out this friend not only wanted me to remember the times with her, but had been hoarding my senior yearbook and decided that this Christmas would be the perfect time to send it back to me.  Boy was she wrong (right).  Flipping through those pages brings back sayings such as “what was I thinking?”, “did we really wear that?”, and “I thought he was cute?”  Ring a bell to anyone? 

It’s amazing how much a person can change in 10 simple little years. 10 years.  What will life be like in 20?  30?  What will i say about my clothes and such then?  I cannot wait to find out and my friend reminded me just why keeping memories such as those pictures that remind her of me and yearbooks, amongst keeping regular photo albums, is so important.  Snap away at life so you will always remember how you felt!




2 responses

28 12 2010
Aunt Cathy

yup. it does go by more quickly than you think it will….

29 12 2010

i love that you love it! i love you!!

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