One Happy Entertainment Buff

29 12 2010

I broke down today….not in a bad way, in an absolutely great way.  I broke down and got a wireless router, finally.  So now I can blog from my couch or bed, instead of the computer room where I always had to stay connected.  As if that were not enough, I connected my Wii console to the internet as well.  AND, with the help of Netflix, I can stream movies to my laptop or my Wii anytime I wish.  As you read I snuggled on the couch next to Brax and am watching Julie and Julia, which only makes me want to cook more.  I feel like I have found a new sense of freedom in my life.  A freedom to go anywhere and watch anything, which I can with my laptop.  Hurray for technology!  Hurray for me finally using it to it’s full capabilities!  Why else do you own all the accessories if you cannot put them together? 

Off to my world of entertainment!




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