My quirky furbabies

5 01 2011

I think it’s great how each animal has their own personality, and my 3 animals have quite the combination of humor to make me smile.  It seems to get even worse with the more animals we aquire.  Despite muddy paws and litter boxes, I still love all of them and glad they are there to brighten my day. 

Carmen was the first child we adopted, off craigslist nonetheless.  She has been the best cat I have ever had.  She is a lap cat and also loves to lay on her back to let me know how happy she is.  She never eats treats but loves real fish and chicken (spoiled).  But what really cracks me up is how sometimes she LOVES the dogs, and sometimes she hates them, to the point where they will chase each other around the house (something you must see in your lifetime).  She is my fly catcher, bird teaser, cabinet climber and loves to use the doggy door.  She loves to sit on the computer when I’m using it, magazines when i’m reading them, and on Joey’s lap when he’s sitting right next to me (I guess to punish me for something).  But now that she has her cat tower, life has changed and it is GOOD.

Molly was our second furbaby, and let me tell you, a dog is much different than a cat.  After much crate training and kennel clean up, she is finally our “fancy girl.”  She loves to sit with her legs crossed and shake hands with you to show you attention.  A superior cuddler, I love how she barely barks or licks, but loves to be close to you.  But, she is ALWAYS the first to go to bed, with us catching her leaving for her pillow of softness as early as 7am some nights.  Gotta love Molly Hatcher(y). 

Brax was our next, and final furbaby.  Brax is something else let me tell you.  He makes this unexplainable noise, like a whimper bark, when we are out in public and around other dogs (slightly embarassing).  He sometimes sleeps like a duck…no joke.  He will lay down and his head will be in the complete opposite direction, facing the back of his body like its nothing.  My dog is gumby, able to jump as high as the fence to catch squirrels and run faster than a speeding train, in circles around the truck in the front yard.  He is the best cuddler known to man, as he will snuggle as close as he can to you, sometimes ON you. 

I love them, and the love I get from them can never be replaced.




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5 01 2011

i REALLY like that last picture; it’s so vintage-y!! 🙂

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