My not so new years resolution

7 01 2011

People who know me would say I’m very motivated and know that I don’t do new years resolutions, I just don’t.  For most people, they choose to workout and be healthy, which they should do all year.  It’s the same to me as saying “I’ll start Monday.”  Just start today-who cares.  Thursday could be the beginning of the week for you!   Why do we make promises to ourselves that only end in regret b/c we only did them for 3 months (or one week in some cases).  Instead, I like to just try to incorporate something new into my life.  So this year, here it is:

I’m going to try to eat 1-3 dinners a week at the kitchen table or on the patio set.  There.  Simple, notice I said 1-3…who can’t do one day per week?  This will help in multiple ways. 

1) It will allow Joey and I time to destress from work and talk about our day, which in turn brings us closer. 

2) We will eat slower, since we are focusing on our food and each other, and not the latest episode of two and a half men (which are reruns anyway).  It’s amazing how we can sit there and watch episodes we have seen over and over again. 

3) Maybe we’ll get more creative in the kitchen and start cooking something together.  now, I usually cook so dinner is ready when he gets home, but maybe…

So all in all, no resolution, just a new solution to dinner!




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