The Godfather

24 01 2011

Our Godfather of fitness, Jack Lalane, is no longer with us, but his words always will be.  To me, he was significant b/c he had an impact on  my career-he invented aerobics and was the first to really promote it.  I mean, look at the guy, he obviously used it so he did not lose it.  He taught us that eating your fruits and veggies is good, but if you dont like them, juice them!  Props to the man-he lived to 96!  People thought he was crazy for exercising and doing some things he did-just like some ppl used to think of me.  But in the end, he was right, and so was I, and people aspire to be like us.  Rest in peace Jack, and just know that your influences will live on through many who continue to teach what you promoted!




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