Neglect city!

8 03 2011

While sitting here, drinking some delicious, homemade Dunkin Donuts coffee with Chocolate Toffee creamer, I realize how much and how frequently I go through spurts of writing and then again, neglecting my blog.  Two reasons lately…one, all the home projects I’ve been taking on, and two, my trip to Cabo San Lucas!  Since I still have not found the perfect job, I have taken it upon myself to do home improvements and make my living space, well, more livable to what we wanted!

Case in point-our kitchen was an ugly blue.  Ugly.  Ok, so it is still somewhat blue, but that hideous (what were they thinking) blue is ALMOST gone.  All I have left are to redo the bottom kitchen cabinets and then get the countertops refinished.  That project starts this week!

Quite a change from this:

So you can see why I’ve been busy!  I’ve also found a wonderful way to reuse my  vases from the wedding by making some gorgeous flower arrangements for various rooms in the house.  They do really bring a room to its full potential.  I’ve been hunting at Goodwill’s for little ways to make rooms pop and find those things that no one else has, and have been pretty successful.  My current project, which will be finished today, and I will post before and after pics, is a DOUBLE, yes double lounger for my backyard.  Yardsale score: $20!  Wait til you see it!  Arranged some wonderful birdfeeders so my cat can sit in the window while birds are right there in front of her.  Cleaned up front yard bushes and brush to get ready for spring planting!  Rearranging rooms to prepare for some new furniture, and attempting to sell the old stuff….phew.  There is probably more but that is a mouthful. 

Next on the agenda: Putting new flowers in all the pots and then planting flowers around my trees, transplanting a palm from backyard to front and making a nice rock bed around it, and putting more sod down in the backyard.  Oh yeah, and telling all about my cabo trip!

Once my lounger is complete…its going up for you.




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