Let me tell you a secret, about a mother’s love

9 03 2011

I ended up buying some potted plants yesterday, and as I began planting them and talking to Joey’s mom, I was ready for the backyard plants.  I went inside to get the keys to the gate and I noticed it was quiet, inside and out.  I had no idea where the dogs were.  They usually play/sleep on the other side of the truck or wrestle around the corner of the house…not there.  I looked around the block one way and Joey’s mom went the next.  Nothing.  The neighbor was on his bike and even offered to bike up to look for them…nothing.  We jumped in the two vehicles and at this point, I was panicking.  They never leave the yard, NEVER. 

 I stopped every walker and at every person who was outside their house.  A neighbor about 8 houses down said she saw Brax, following someone walking their dogs.  Great!  He definately has ADD and I’m not sure if he could concentrate to find his way home.  All I kept thinking is how there are people here who like to steal people’s dogs.  My dogs are so great, who wouldn’t want them?  15 more minutes of driving through streets, stopping people, searching frantically, I broke down and called Joey.  I’m surprised he could even understand me as  I said ” You need to come home now, I can’t find the dogs anywhere, I need your help.” ( Imagine that all blubbery). He later told me he was already near his bike, jumped on the highway and even passed two people on the side to get home.  I was hoping the sound of his bike would make them come running, like it always does. 

 30 more minutes of searching and still nothing.  Joey’s mom said a walker saw them go into the first neighborhood, they tried walking with her.  They wanted help finding their way home and were looking to her for it.  I’m sure Molly only left with Brax b/c she knew he would never find his way home, and she is after all, the responsible one.  We searched through the first neighborhood, the sun starting to make its way down.  I would drain my tank, even with these gas prices, to find my babies.  Nothing.  Joey’s mom found the walker again to double check on which neighborhood.  It was the gated one!  The walker put the code in for Joey’s mom (I did not know this yet) to let her in.  At that same time, I thought I should just try the gated place, as it’s not far from our home.  As I pulled in, I saw a walker watching something and I turned left to see Joey’s mom stopped getting out of the truck and right there, were two angels with my dogs on their leashes just waiting for someone to find them. 

As I pulled up, I sighed and just sobbed, ran out, and hugged  my babies.  I mean, I was not just crying like I’m watching a sad movie, I was crying as if I lost my life, b/c I thought I did.  I even made the lady who found them cry.  She said she could tell they were well taken care of and loved.  I gave her the biggest hug after loading the dogs in the truck.  Just as Joey pulled up to see them, we all were so relieved. 

Almost an hour went by where I thought I lost them.  I thought the worst; they got hit by the speeding cars who drive too fast nearby, someone took them, they just wandered farther and farther away.  They were grounded last night, a smaller than normal dinner and not til 3 hours later than normal, after being punished to sit outside by themselves to think about what they did. 

All this after watching “for colored girls” the night before, and feeling the pain of losing your kids.  Although mine were furbabies, it still hurt!

By the way, my sister and I MADE that pillow they are on, yet another reason I’ve been busy.  Egg crate, and inner cover, and washable outer cover!




2 responses

9 03 2011

you are so amazing! i love the new color of your kitchen!

9 03 2011

what a wonderful momma out searching for her babies! you’re going to transition very well to a real-life momma one of these days – though i hope your children don’t run off the way your dogs did!!

and i love the dog bed – can you send me measurements?? love you!

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