Goals for this weekend

11 03 2011

You know me-always doing projects and giving myself goals-just thought I would share them this time!

1) Try to sleep in after working Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday night until 3am. 

2) Lay at least 50 squares of sod in the backyard before it rains sunday, monday, and maybe tuesday.

3) Sand the last 4 cabinet doors and bases in the kitchen so I can stain them next week.  (Then all that is left is to get our countertops refinished and our kitchen is finished!)

Future goals once those are done (for the house)

-Put gutters where there are none

-Get countertops refinished (possibly ones in the bathroom as well)

-New faucets in bathroom

-Redo cabinets in the bathrooms to match the kitchen

-Plant flowers around the trees in the front yard

-Transplant palm from backyard to front and make decorative landscape near the end of the driveway

Phew-I’m sure I will find more things to do once these are done, or perhaps even while these are going on.  What projects are you working on?




One response

12 03 2011

I too have lots of projects I want to do. If only I had your weather here in NW Washington. I know we want to finish painting the rooms in our house. I would also love to pot some plants this year. I don’t have a green thumb so I figure potted plants are a good way to start!! Can’t wait to see more of your pictures. The kitchen is looking great!

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