An apology is worth 1000 hugs

16 03 2011

It’s amazing how one word can draw upon so many emotions in your life.  Someone could say, “I”m sorry for your loss,” and can break tears.  “I’m sorry for the way I treated you,” can evoke a relief of hatred or anger towards someone.  “I’m sorry I wasn’t there,” can make you have renewed feelings for someone.  “I’m sorry you had to go through that,” and you feel relief that someone understands. 

Just one apology can let go of all these feelings you may have had towards someone in an instant.  I think that’s amazing.  One can be sooo angry at a person, but all they need is an apology, and it all goes away, Poof, gone.  It feels like someone gave you 1000 hugs and a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders, like someone else is sharing your burden. 

Just make sure that your apology is never too late.  Don’t hold back because it could be too late, and you could have a burden weighing on your shoulders for the rest of your life.  Take the time to say sorry and relieve someone else’s burden, be a bigger person and you will be surprised at how much respect you actually gain in turn. 




One response

16 03 2011

i love this. and i’m reposting for all to see. this is EXACTLY how i feel right now. love you.

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