One step at a time…

16 03 2011

I finally planted the flowers around my trees today.  Some nice moss roses in orange and delphiniums (sp?) that will come in white and blue (GO BEARS!).  They will spread about 12-24″ so everything will be filled in.  Both trees look the same.  I also am almost done the cabinets below the sink and will post when I get the doors back on. 

Joey helped put a new light up in the kitchen (rather, I assisted him).  If you go to old posts you can see the old light; it was just glass and chrome.  This new one goes great with our decor and really makes it cozy. 

(Do you like my new bamboo!)

I’m giving some old lights and other items to my friend Diana, who’s neighborhood is having a yard sale this weekend, so I hope to make a little and buy a new light in my den (especially since I took ours down to sell).  Our new furniture arrives Monday and that room will be more complete with our buffet and the new couch will be amazing!




One response

18 03 2011

i’m so excited to see everything! the light looks great – the electrician would approve! 🙂

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