Supreme 90-Day 1

21 03 2011

Today is day 1 of my new fitness/nutrition routine.  I just got back from getting some specialty items at Whole Foods that I can’t get in any old grocery store and in about 30 minutes, will start my first workout.  The chart is on my fridge, and that fridge and pantry are stocked with great healthy foods (as always, but now its overflowing). 

Supreme 90 is a 90 day workout routine (from the makers of P90x), but with my hopes of not getting bored and making the whole 90 days.  It also only cost $32 with shipping-extra motivational there!  The routines are switched more often with my rest day falling on different days of the week, so “chest and back” are not always on monday (thank god).  It’s much simpler to follow and the diet is written for you on what to eat every meal, and I’m excited and ready to go.  I’ll keep you posted as I go, in 90 days I’ll be a new, stronger, me!




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