That’s what friends are for

30 03 2011

We are here to love each other, serve each other, and uplift each other.  ~Excerp from my Yogi tea yesterday. 

Funny that I got this tea (or drank it) the day after helping a friend through some rough times.  Reminds me that no matter how small something may seem to me (or someone else for that matter), it can be a HUGE weight to someone else.  It may take them hearing the same thing a few times (or many) to really put it in perspective, but the key is to be patient, loving, and helping.  You never know when you will be in that situation and need to be told multiple times what to do.  The key is being there enough to make that person strong enough to do what they need to, and that is really what we are here for-companionship and serving each other. 

A song to help her (and possible others)




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