Gruene Texas and Chocolate Beer

6 04 2011

Life gives you so many little things to appreciate without even realizing it.  We have some many little Texas towns, that I believe, Texans DO appreciate.  We take the time to love our land and take it all in, be it bike rides, rafts, or car trips-like the one I took Joey’s mom on yesterday.  About 20-30 minutes away is a town called Gruene Texas (prounounced like green).  The oldest, still running, dancehall exists here.  So many famous people have performed here (including George) and it’s a landmark of Texas, one to be proud of. 

While here, we enjoyed a nice lunch at the Gruene River Grill and did some shopping.  It’s amazing the ideas and styles you find while in little towns.  It was a really nice day trip and takes you back to reality. 

Upon coming home, we watched a double feature and I enjoyed a delicious Boulevard Chocolate Ale (from Kansas City).  I recommend it for its dark chocolate and caramel infusions.  Just a great day, with great company, and a great brew!




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