It only costs an arm and a leg

8 04 2011

Something has been brewing in our household for a few months now, something I knew I should have done earlier, but thought it would heal on its own…

About 2-3 months ago, Molly, our sweet american bulldog, jumped out of the truck and landed the wrong way.  She limps sometimes, using caution on her left hind leg, but then will run and play like it’s nobody’s business.  Now, if you’ve read back posts in my blog, you know how much I love my furbabies.  Her limp has been on and off, and last week I told Joey I was going to go to the vet anyway.  She is due for shots next month and the combined cost of shots and whatever this is, would be too much (boy was I right).  Well, I put that off another week. 

This past Wednesday, I took the dogs to the park to walk and then to the doggie park, where Brax ran amuck but Molly just kind of sat there; I figured the walk wore her out.  Upon returning home, she layed around outside in the gorgeous weather all day.  Joey came home, we left for a bike ride, and when we came back, Brax was the only one to greet us at the door.  We found Molly where she was when we left the house before the ride, sitting on the carpet by the backdoor.  Upon attempting to rise, she would put only pressure on her two front legs, not using either of her back legs, and of course not being able to walk like that, she sat back down, gingerly.  My poor Molly!  This was it, we knew we could not wait any longer to take her. 

First thing in the morning, Joey called our vet as soon as they opened and got her in at 10am.  When we got there, she had so much adrenaline going through her she didn’t limp-(Doc I swear she was limping lol).  After examining her, she has a torn ligament in her right knee (the one that just started hurting her) and she could not feel anything in her left (the one she has been limping on for months).  Maybe the left has slightly healed?  Oh boy, I almost wanted to cry-and I would pay anything for my furbabies so that wasn’t why I was crying. 

Well listen to this…there have been new studies out comparing surgery to just a glucosamine therapy on dogs.  Long term (which is a good study if its long term), dogs that have had surgery versus dogs who have been on joint formula, have the same results.  Yeah for us-which is what we will try first (if it does not get better than you will hear about it).  So $250 dollars of pills later, we came home and let Molly rest.  And rest she did, in the same spot all day-the dog bed I made for the living room.  Not only did I BRING her food and water, she laid there ALL DAY.  Poor girl, but she is so strong, never once making a sound or ever wimpering.  Thats my girl!  So we will attempt this therapy as I also attempt to find a cheaper (not from the actual vet) version of these pills and dispense to BOTH dogs, to prevent any more damage in the future. 

Keep my Molly in your thoughts and thanks for listening!




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17 04 2011

Aaah, poor Molls! She’s just such a happy pooch, too!

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