The date is set!

18 04 2011

After months of trying, contemplating, complaining, putting up with (dealing with) and frustration, we finally have a surgery date for Joey-May 17th.  Yes, it’s approaching extrememly fast, and you think of all these things you want to get done before then too.  But whatever gets done, will get done.  What does not will not.  This has been much needed. 

Joey has been trying for months to get the VA to approve a surgery from an ankle specialist he was referred to last year.  As you can tell, it was finally approved and his ankle will be completely rebuilt, all new.  I’m not sure how long it will take, what repairs need to be made, or how long til it heals, but I know this:

No more pain!  No more pain! 

We can go on walks with the dogs together, possibly hiking.  I don’t need to be a crutch he can lean on, he can enjoy when we go to sea world, or just plain grocery shopping.  Please don’t take this as Im complaining about these things or that he can’t do them.  I still do my hiking, walking, running and crutching when I need to.  I’m mostly excited about the no more pain! 

Please mark your calendars (if you are friends/family) and think of him on May 17th at 10am when the surgery starts and pray it all goes well.  We are all a little nervous/curious and I know everyone will get him through. 

Might look like this for a while again-but much better and less other scars this time.  I love you baby and am proud of all you put up with and accomplish despite your pain!  You are my hero and remind me to appreciate life and take it all in!




One response

9 05 2011

definitely praying for his surgery, the surgeon, the nurses, for the both of you and his recovery! hope he is pain free for the rest of his life!

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