I’ve become one of “those” people

26 04 2011

I find myself looking for deals in the weekly grocery ads, then comparing for coupons I have in the papers, and THEN finding coupons to print online.  Yeah, really, I have been doing that.  Am I as talented as those women who buy $1000 worth of groceries for $10?  No, not a chance.  But, my biggest yet has been $75 of groceries for $50. 

The biggest challenge for me is that a lot of things you can get with coupons, I don’t eat b/c it’s not something I put into my body, which makes me have to hunt that much more for great deals.  Also, who wants to have their garage or basement full of shelves of canned food and toilet paper to last until they’re 50?  Not me. 

But when I have kids, I can see stacking coupons and saving up for huggies and enfamil even before they are born.  Hell, as long as you keep the receipt most places take things back or at least give you store credit. 

Cheers (with my coffee) to you all you couponers and thanks for keeping me motivated to get what we deserve!




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