Project Chevy 101

9 05 2011

It takes a lot of trust (a lot) for a couple to spend a little money (what little they have) to make a little extra money.  A while back, Joey wanted to buy this 4 wheeler for about $200 that came to his work, with the promise that he will sell it for more.  I trusted him, and before we even paid for it, he sold it for $500.  He is ALWAYS selling things on ebay, or helping other ppl at their houses on their bikes, and doing whatever else he can to make our family extra money.  I am so proud of him for that and I know he works hard.  But when this next one came around, I was very hesitatant.  The price was larger and the risk larger.  $1800 with taxes to be exact.  A 94 Chevy Silverado, someone traded in on a bike.  After market everything, V8, extras, etc.  (Someone put in a lot of money but really wanted a bike).  My financial gut said no, but my trust was with him.  In less than one week he cleaned it up, primered it, bedliner, everything and its already up for sale.  First email received today inquiring about it.  Listed $4500.  Now, I dont know about you, but that profit sounds pretty good to me, even at $4000.  Yeah, with paint and supplies he probably spent $2000 total, but to give our family an extra $2000, that more than pays for our trip to Hawaii in November!

I love you baby and am proud of you and what you do for us!




One response

9 05 2011

Nice job Steph! Jeff is all the time taking on odd jobs around the city to make extra money. With Julie moving out last month and our cost of rent increasing, he has been able to cover it with his additional side jobs plus some. I couldn’t be more blessed, either!

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