A small step in time

25 05 2011

Last Tuesday, my hubby, Joey, had a much anticipated and might I add, long awaited surgery.  He had a complete ankle replacement by Dr. Casillas of the Nix downtown San Antonio.  The surgery was much quicker than anticipated and extrememly successful.  Lots of arthritis removed and the new ankle went in perfectly.  In 6 months, all should be normal, with almost perfect range of motion.  We spent more nights than expected in the hospital and learned many ways to pass the time in a tiny room.  When he was finally released, we set up camp at home.  He now resides mostly on the couch (in my spot!), mixed in with a bit of recliner and the bed sometimes. 

 There are a lot of things I have learned this week, about myself, and our marriage.  It has brought us closer together in many ways.  If you have ever walked into a hospital room after someone you love has had surgery, than you know what I mean.  I have learned how to care for him when he was in the room, bringing him snacks, cutting his food and making sure he takes in fluids (and lets them out).  How when finding out he has to stay yet another night, I decide to sleep over with him and surprise him with Chick-fil-a to cheer him up.  Upon arriving home, I have learned even more patience, as things that normally take 2 minutes, now take 10 or more.  Showering, cooking, cleaning, and even simple things as getting from one room to the next or switching chairs.  This is when I greatly appreciate all Joey’s mom has done and how much she is helping out.  An extra hand to get him some water, filling the dishwasher, helping water the plants, all relieves a little I have to do, and gives me more time for the important things. 

In turn,  I have seen changes in him as well.  More appreciative, caring, loving, and the actual realization of what he and I both have.  I could not have asked for something better.  This small step back has moved us forward in our lives and in our relationship.  We have accomplished in this one week, what others have to go to counseling sessions to achieve.  I am blessed for what I have in my life!




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