And they think that is doing what for them?

8 06 2011

Lately I’ve been noticing some gym members doing ridiculous looking exercises at the gym.  Mostly guys…well, all guys actually.  You see, females learn how to do things right b/c they don’t want to look ridiculous doing something wrong.  But all I have to say is, why, why, why?  Let me tell you, with as much as I know about exercise, I can still get intimiated with an area of about 30 guys and me being the only girl, but these crazies make me feel much more confident!

Scenario 1: Old guy wearing a weight belt doing the lat pull down machine….backwards.  Very oldschool, very ineffective, very good at getting injuries!

Scenario 2: Younger guy trying to do front deltoid raises, but his dumbbells are about 3 times too heavy.  So he proceeds to keep his elbows almost at a 90 degree angle while leaning his body waaaay back everytime.  Dumbbass!

Scenario 3: Guy doing lateral raises with dumbbells, using an ok weight, but not really doing lateral raises.  His hands stay by his sides and it looks more of like a chicken wing flapping exercise.  What is that working again?

Scenario 4: The Smith machine lunge.  Ahhh, what a machine.  It actually HELPS you do things right.  But only if your feet are in the right place.  In order to lunge, you have to spead your feel far apart forward and backwards, not only 1 1/2 feet, then your lunge just looks pathetic and dangerous.  Now I see why you are wearing that weight belt. 

That’s all I’ve seen lately.  What about you?  I’d love to hear what you have seen-ridiculous and all!




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