To the heart of it all

11 07 2011

Wednesday, Joey and I will be leaving to take a trip to Denver, Colorado.  This is the first place we “traveled” to when we were dating.  As we made our journey from Manhattan, KS to Arizona, this was our first stop.  We had our first Thanksgiving together at his parents house.  That was in November of 2007.  Now we make the trip back to Colorado this week.  I’m anxious to see how much I remember, how in my eyes, things are different.  Back then we were still dating…now we are married and life brings whole new meaning, especially a trip back home to see his family and friends. 

I’m sure back in 2007 his friends thought of me as just another girl, or someone he was with.  Now I’m “Joey’s wife” and to me, and them, it means a whole lot more. 

I’m very excited and anxious to spend a week in Colorado.  We did not get to do a whole lot last time, and it was cold.  Now we are going to go camping for a couple of days at Blackhawk.  Going out downtown, seeing a friend from back in Kansas, and touring Colorado in a whole new way.  I think these things make it that much more meaningful to me.  Not that I didn’t take the trip in last time, but it means so much more this time. 




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