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vegas-032My name is Stephanie, and I’m a woman of many talents.  I love to workout and hike.  I’m always cooking up new recipes and am not afraid to try new foods.  I’m into reading books and will read some good “chic lit” anytime.  Watching movies and tv on dvd are a hobby of mine as well, thanks to blockbuster online.  I’m always learning new things about myself, my beliefs, and what I am capable of, which believe me, gets tested repeatedly. 

I am with a wonderful man, Joey, who just loves and adores me and I the same.  It feels good to finally get what you deserve and be happy with your life; I’m there!   We love to explore where ever we live and are very adventurous.  Going for rides on Harley’s and leaving the worries in the wind…Total opposites but the same in many ways is what makes us the perfect match. 

We just bought our first house in Texas and it just keeps getting better! 



2 responses

22 12 2008
Enjoyer of the Journey

I love the picture of you and Joey! I am soooo happy for you as well!!

14 07 2009

You and Joe look so cute together! I’m so excited for you about the job and so happy that you guys are moving to San Antonio!!!!!! See ya soon.

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